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  How I spent my weekend 06:40 PM -- Mon November 10, 2008  

This weekend was Mini-LD#5, hosted by none other than moi truly! The theme was "Cover", in the sense of "make a cover of any previous LD entry that wasn't made by you". A cover, of course, is a remake, but in this case, sequel or thing-inspired-by was perfectly fine too. But the main idea was to take the original idea and implement it using your own unique style. So I did that! The game I covered was Towlr, by PoV. Because of the nature of Towlr, I couldn't actually duplicate the gameplay in any way. The whole magic of Towlr is that you don't know what to do! So I had to invent my own puzzle, and I did. Good luck solving BABBY OF TOWLR! It will hurt you in ways you didn't know you could be hurt. And if you are epileptic, you better just skip it. It is hard on the visual cortex.

I've also implemented Coelecanths in Costume Party. When you see them, you'll probably think they're piranhas (which is also what the game calls them internally), but to make them wintry, they're coelecanths. That's not really too wintry either, but I recall reading that the first time somebody caught one, they put it on ice and then it leaped up and bit them later even though it had been on ice for minutes or hours. So it would be quite happy in a winter wonderland. And vicious. They're basically underwater Screamers. I'm having a hard time coming up with good and unique winter enemies. For example, a Polar Bear is perfectly appropriate, but what would it to differentiate its behavior? More importantly, what good enemies would shoot?
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