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  Sneak Peek: Winter Pack 05:02 PM -- Tue November 11, 2008  

More new Winter stuff! Candy Canes, of course. They're equivalent to Candy Corn, but the difference is that they aren't affected by gravity or block enemies (they work like Jawbreakers). They're also worth 75pts instead of 50, because I felt like it.

Snowballs! They roll forward, crushing all in their path relentlessly. But there's a twist! You can hop on top of them for a ride if you are careful. Of course, since they're rolling, they are constantly throwing you forward as you ride, so you really have to keep hopping the whole time if you want to avoid ending up crushed. It's also fun when other objects are on top of them. I had candy corn and crates getting flung all over the place.

Pine Trees! Like the Laser Tree, but with no decorations or laser. They're just an ordinary obstacle, unless you smash them with anything that would be capable of smashing a crumbly brick or blast brick (falling on them doesn't count). That blows all their needles off, and they become Dead Pines. Those are equivalent to grates. So you can have a setup where you need Frank to smash the needles off, then one of the shooting guys to shoot through it and trigger something on the other side.

And of course, the Moose Hunter! It fires constantly like a Deadly Tree, but it aims at you, with great accuracy. Of course, the bullets are quite slow, so it's not too bad. And you can kill it, unlike a Deadly Tree.
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