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  Christmas Shopping 01:23 PM -- Sun December 14, 2008  

This weekend was the not-very-official Ludum Dare Christmas Album creation time. Of course, we had 48 hours to create a song for the Christmas Album. As of this writing, there are two songs submitted. Phil Hassey's Joy To The World Sort Of, and my own Christmas Shopping. Unfortunately, my official singer had a sore throat and couldn't perform, which really ruins Christmas Shopping. It's a classic Christmas carol with moving lyrics and a strong message of the season. Since my singer wasn't available, I ask that you provide your own singing! It's easy enough to sing. Skip the first bit of music, which is just for atmosphere, then begin singing with the chorus at the faster little tidbit right after it (sorry for my advanced musical terminology, I hope you are following me). Repeat the chorus each time that fast bit comes up! The lyrics:
Christmas Shopping
Pain in the rear
Planning to go
Early next year

We're Christmas shopping
Parked in the far lot
Time for some walking
In the cold

Santa's at the mall
Not at the north pole
You want a football
You get coal

Shoppers are fighting
Tempers are rising
Everyone's buying
Wal-mart crap

Went Christmas shopping
Bought stuff on a lark
Now we are stopping
Where'd we park?

Remember to go singing this around your neighborhood every year! And clap at the clapping parts!
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