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  Happyponygate London (Ontario) 06:39 PM -- Sat January 26, 2008  

Well, now you know.

The plot is that Happyponygates have opened around London, Ontario (why this happened is in the game, and you will find out when you play!). In case it's somewhat unclear, Happyponygates are rainbow colored happy portals that lead to the dreaded Happy Pony Land With Strawberry Waterfalls And Gumdrop Trees. Happy Ponies and their minions are flooding out and taking over the city, forcing everyone to be happy all the time. The RCMP has set up a perimeter around the city, but nobody can go inside. They are evacuating everyone who was trapped inside, of course.

Conventional weapons are completely useless against the ponies - yes, red hammers included! So what options remain? Does Canada simply lose its finest metropolis?! No, as a last resort, they call up Bouapha. He is of course world-renowned for "handling situations." So, he shows up, and sees what he can do.

The city is completely devoid of humans. They've all been evacuated. So you aren't so much stealing cars as commandeering them. I have an enormous list of different kinds of goals and challenges to do, and I hope lots of them can go in. It's more a wish list than a design plan at this point.
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