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  A Previously Unrecorded Phenomenon 07:11 PM -- Sun January 27, 2008  

As you may have previously heard, my wife runs a tutoring business. She was doing the books for business and peering over her shoulder, I discovered something interesting. If you are looking for a topic for a sociology or education dissertation, give this one a thought: Almost all the last names of her clients are very uncommon. In fact, except for 3 of them, they're ones I've never even heard before.

That's the data. My hypothesis based on this data, and a very scientific one at that, is that people with rare or strange last names tend to need more schooling. Why? It's simple! Think of the first day of school. The teacher comes around and takes roll, saying each name in turn. She gets them wrong, some more than others. This happens to you year after year, and eventually you stop thinking teachers know so much. You stop paying attention, you lose all interest in school, and bam, you need tutoring! This is science, people. Look it up.
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