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  Sneak Peek: Costume Party Dumb Pack 02:27 PM -- Thu December 11, 2008  

Feeling decidedly unproductive over the past week or two, I decided to get decidedly decisive! I threw down the gauntlet onto the keyboard and mashed out some new code and graphics for something I knew I could progress on, since I am still bumbling about mentally on the Tactics game:

Who is that standing mightily amidst the wreckage of bricks most foul (you could almost call it putrid debris...)? I thought he would end up a lame character with no unique hook, but while he doesn't bring any new major game mechanics, he certainly does fill a niche of his own. He has standard running and jumping skills, and his one ability is to toss hammers in any direction. The hammers fly straight, and ricochet off of walls. As you can see by the wreckage, they also smash bricks. So he is the only character who can smash bricks at long distance, and that can hit things (including bricks) that are in unreachable places, thanks to the ricochet. Yep, he's the bank shot character. You need one of those!
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