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  Fun Dots 06:21 PM -- Mon December 15, 2008  

People have been yammering on lately about this polygon Mona Lisa, which indeed looks rather cool. So I gave a shot to a variation of it on my own today just for fun. Mine is a whole different (and much simpler) concept. It generates pointilist art by randomly placing dots on a canvas, and then comparing it to a piece of art you've provided it. If the dot made the canvas closer to the artwork, it keeps it, otherwise it tosses it out. The end result is like this:

Well, I say end result, but you can let it run much longer than that. It gets fairly accurate given a long enough time, but the dots are pretty big, so it can only do so much. I made a different version first, which was cooler in a way, but took about 1/4 second per brush stroke, so I never even let it run long enough to find out if it was actually trying to generate the right picture or not. It looked like this:

Pretty nifty. If you want to try the faster pointilist one yourself, you can download it. It's tiny. Instructions are in the readme, and you will need paint program knowledge to get any particular use out of it (and unzipping skills to run it in the first place).
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