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  Hack n' Slash 03:33 AM -- Fri February 15, 2008  

In more ways than one. Today, I was whacking away at the Titan Tunnels code (but I'm pretty sure the finished product won't be called that now), really changing stuff around internally. It still doesn't compile, but some nifty new elements are coming together. Nothing that is interesting to a player, but fun and worth doing to me.

I'm completely changing how skills work, and it's rather possible that a bunch of the existing LL2 skills won't be possible under the new system. The upside is that hundreds of new skills will be possible and present. I'm moving skills out of the code and into a text file. Now I'm not really sure that this file will be editable by humans after release, because I want to avoid a situation where everybody just modifies Axe Mastery to grant +100 damage per level. If I can find a way to lock down the official game, but then you can edit all you want to create your own unofficial "worlds", that's what I want to do. The only real problem I see with that is that I'd need to provide the original text files as a base. That would be fine, the only problem is that it would mean spoiling every surprise that is to come. I don't like that too much, but it'd probably be worth it.

Here's a weird and unprecedented idea - the text file could be encrypted, and winning the game gives you the prize of decrypting it. Kinda strange, and not something the casual user would even care about, or understand.

Anyway, here's a totally separate thing that also fits the title. When you play LL2, do you rely on holding down the fire button to continuously attack, or do you often find that you are tapping it? I'm considering the bold move of removing autofire. It would give me a new thing I could use for skills - holding down the button to charge up. There are a lot of good uses for that, but it does mean you wouldn't be able to chop away without pounding on the key. I think that might be too much of a sacrifice.
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