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  Long Weekend 10:24 PM -- Mon February 18, 2008  

Ah, today is President's Day, so this is a long weekend here at Hamumu. I could have theoretically worked today, but I've had my computer set up in the living room all weekend, so I'm just hanging here while the lady plays Harvest Moon. Obviously there was also WoW earlier, and will be more later.

I am still doing lots of thinking about Titan Tunnels all the time. I know Happyponygate is where I really am expected to be laboring, but since that is actually labor, and TT is fun, I'll stick with it. I will put some time into the Gate this week at some point, though.

Here's another Titan Tidbit: One of the long-held RPG ideas I've had for many years (and way before WoW stole it from me!) was to have different classes use different forms of power. So that's something I'm looking to do in this one. Each class will have either one or two meters. A Necromancer would of course just have a Magic meter that works the usual way, while a Berserker might use both Stamina and Rage. Here's the different meter concepts I have so far:

Stamina - Just like in Loonyland 2, it's a meter that builds up very quickly over time. Unlike LL2, attacking will be free normally, and Stamina is spent only on special attacks. However, some skills will add Stamina cost to the attack itself, but again unlike LL2, running out of Stamina won't actually stop your attack. It just stops the extra features that those skills gave you. A basic attack is always available.

Magic - The classic. Refills slowly over time, spend it to cast spells.

Rage - Not a meter at all, but rather a row of skulls that you collect. Each time you kill an enemy, there's a chance of getting a skull (and of course skills that increase the odds). It's not an item you carry or anything, just a symbol that goes in the meter (it's not meant to actually be a skull, sicko). You spend skulls to use your abilities.

Resolve - This one is specifically for a highly defensive class. It builds up when you get hit, faster with more damaging attacks. It drains over time. So the more you get beaten on, the more Resolve you have to strike back with.

Wealth - This one's a little goofy, but I like it conceptually for certain classes (thief and merchant mainly). It increases by 1 for every coin you pick up, and you spend it to use your abilities - things like summoning mercenaries and planting traps (stuff that seems like it should cost money!). But the important thing to note is that you aren't spending money. It's just your Wealth meter you are using up. It goes up as you get coins, it's not actually the coins themselves. I think that concept might be tough for players, but I don't think it's fair for a class to literally rely on money as their weapon. They'd either be wasting money they need for important upgrades, and in a constant downward spiral, or they'd be using millions of dollars accumulated by your other characters and never have to worry about limitations on their power at all.

Them's the meters. There may be more, there may be less. Just ideas!
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