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  The Center Cannot Hold 07:16 PM -- Thu February 21, 2008  

Well, I didn't delve into ripping out the skills yet as described previously, but I might as well. I removed the talents, and achievements and modifiers, and right now things are a huge mess! There are still hundreds and hundreds of lines I need to edit or remove as a result of that. Really, it's hardly even worth working from an existing game, given the sheer amount of eradication occurring here. But I think it's going to work out... eventually.

Another thing I'm going to do is up it to 800x600 resolution like Happyponygate. I like that so much better. That again will involve tons of hacking and damage. It's really a lot like surgery. You have to cut it open to get at the innards, then chop them up and tie them together in new ways, then seal it up again and there it is! Weak and barely functional, but slowly recuperating. The actual act of surgery is physically hurting the person, doing enormous damage, but as long as the doctor knows what he is doing, he can put it back together in such a way that you'll be better off for having done it. This has been a long series of reconstructive surgeries so far. Just when it was recovering from the massive changes to items (it could compile and run, or at least hobble), I started the next round by yanking out the talents.

Aren't you glad I'm not a doctor?
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