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  Sneak Peek: Happyponygate 12:19 PM -- Wed April 23, 2008  

So many mounties! Recall once again that I do not have graphics for most things, and thus these mounties are not what they appear. They are in fact made entirely of chocolate! They are the Choco Blockos for now. Those blue bullets you see are actually chocolate chips. And the red bullets are marshmallows spit by the ponies, and the colorful bombs are jellybeans dropped by the many many badguys I have slain with the Choco Blockos prior to this shot.

Slain, you say? How do Choco Blockos hurt people? Well, that goes back to those chocolate chips. Enemies like to attack Choco Blockos, and when their bullets hit the blocks, some chocolate chips off and goes flying (for some reason at high velocity), inflicting deadly Choco Damage. So the Choco Blocko is actually a pretty effective weapon. It's pretty much useless as a shield, I have found, since it's just one Bouapha-sized block (and you can only fire them about once every 2 seconds). But enemies like to attack them, so they work as decoys in that respect, and rather dangerous ones. I may try making enemies ignore them, but then you'd have to be very careful about placing them and maneuvering to get them between you and the enemies. Which might not be so bad, actually...

They also dissolve over time (not visually, just eventually die), and explode into chocolate chips on death (but only the same number they launch when hit, nothing impressive). Leveling them up makes them last longer and survive more hits, fire more chips when hit, and makes each chip do more damage. It also raises the rate you can launch them slightly.

It's a little weird to see them as mounties, but they seem to work. If they remain working as decoys, attracting enemies, maybe I should change them to be chocolate easter bunnies rather than plain blocks. Something to consider for sure, and before I build the gun, since everybody knows a gun that lobs bunnies looks nothing like a blocko launcher.
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