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  School's Out! 02:32 AM -- Sat June 14, 2008  

For Summer!! Not forever, though. I guess that's good, since it keeps our mortgage paid. So here's topics of absurd interest:

- Rock Band rocks. Drumming is like drumming. Not that I know, I've never done it for real. But I'm hitting things with sticks in a rhythm, that's drumming. I even did some "singing", but not in front of other people.

- My new dance pad that supposedly has raised buttons totally doesn't. But it does work a lot better than my old one in every way. One fine advantage is that it's much grippier on the bottom, so it's not going anywhere.

- You can now log in in Happyponygate! Once it recognizes you from the database, it lets you play. I need to add an intermediate step in there so you can select and load any of a bunch of save slots (right now you always start from the beginning, but it's been that way... from the beginning!). It's really cool to see it all working together - the client and server talking to each other, the server reading from the database, and the password encryption functional.

- One thing I'm thinking about is Happyponygate's equivalent to a Collector's Edition. It will be something quite different, something more along the lines of KoL's Mr. Accessories. But what exactly, I haven't really considered. I just like the idea - you can pay more to get 'status'. It's not terribly useful, though in this case it may be something that adds fun/power (not like I have to worry about balance - you're not competing!). You would buy it as a show of support or just because you Just Gotta Have Hamumu. It would give you some kind of distinguishing mark, maybe a web trophy like "Pony Power!" Ooh, I just had a cool idea for it that I will keep to myself!

- Teachers get crazy amounts of gifts from their kids and parents at the end of the year (and nearly as much at Christmas and Valentine's Day). It makes me feel guilty for how I never gave any of my teachers anything. Well, I gave them grief. I just finished a big fancy sundae because Sol got an ice cream party pack as one of her gifts. It had sprinkles, marshmallow fluff, hot fudge, caramel, cherries, oreos, bowls, a scoop, root beer, straws, glasses, and yes, even more. Man, I love sprinkles.
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