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  Profile Of A Madman 09:09 PM -- Tue June 24, 2008  

Okay! Now I've sort of gotten somewhere in a way. This was some of the more seriously crunchy code I've had to do yet. It now saves and loads your game. That entails taking your profile data, making it into a packet to send over the internet, then at the other end, making it back into a data block, then finding a way to stuff that into the database. Good thing that only makes for a whole lot of places for mistakes to be made (in two separate programs, as well)! It's tricky to deal with binary data in a database. I got around that by not doing it. I'm storing the numbers as strings, which is ever so slightly less efficient (100% more space used, to be exact).

But anyway, now you log into the game, it loads all your profiles from the server, you choose one to play or create a new one (you can have 12 of them), and then the game begins! So it's all pretty good. Now I need to spend the rest of the day figuring out exactly what the next step is, because I'm really not sure.

That, and lighting Midsummer fires in WoW, because the clock's a-ticking on that!
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