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  Sneak Peek: Happyponygate 06:55 PM -- Wed June 25, 2008  

[jamul] You can guess what this is a screenshot of!
[jamul] it really pretty much explains itself... The green line is an in-game notification of something happening. In this case, gaining a level of the H.R. Puffencrush (I'll have a less incomprehensible message someday for that).
/me points out that there's still one thing missing - no buttons to scroll back and see older messages.
[jamul] There is a backlog, you just can't get to it yet.
[SERVER] Messages from this person (which are always red), have been typed directly into the server. This will also be handy for the server to say "Shutting down in 5 minutes for urgent maintenance!" or "Alert! Angry Teddy Bears are overrunning Westbrook Hills!"
/me notices that he still hasn't moved the text in the typing box down a couple pixels like he kept meaning to...
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