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  Dumb New Year! 07:21 PM -- Mon January 4, 2010  

Here we are at last in a new year, and today is the first official workday of it (I got the 1st off as part of a remarkably long winter break). I did a lot, I think, and stuff is moving ahead. Here's how the new year is going to work:

- Each month begins with the first 3 workdays being spent on monthly business. That's putting up Action Photos, Fan Art, Add-ons, the T-Shirt Of The Month, and of course the Monthly Newsletter to tell you about all that stuff. Besides that, I intend to add one interesting new website feature each month (not this month - I need to spend the previous month making this interesting new feature!), and release a new Behind The Dumb (maybe or maybe not this month, we'll see. Again, I'm supposed to spend the previous month making it). It makes for a busy first three days!

- I plan to release two games (of notable size... plus however many Ludum Dare type games) this year. That's the plan, anyway. Exactly which two games those are is quite hazy, ask again later.

- I plan to work very hard during the week and take the weekends completely off except for answering emails!

- All that stuff I listed for the beginning of each month - There's officially a goal to successfully get those out every month. It's also a goal to Journal daily (or at least to sit down at an official journal time and decide I have nothing to say, which should certainly encourage more entries anyway), draw something on paper daily, and read 10,000 pages worth of books, because I don't think I've touched a book in a year or more. I've started with Carl Sagan's The Demon-Haunted World which I got for Christmas. I also have some exercise goals.

And one other thing, not so much for the coming year as the coming days: I'm working on a Robot Wants Kitty update that I plan to release with the newsletter in 2 days (and at that time give it an official page on the site instead of having it all hidden away). In theory it will expand the adventure a bit (not too much - part of the fun is that you can finish it in a short time) with one new ability, a new enemy, maybe a new boss, and a little bit of new terrain to get that new ability. And some alternate routes perhaps, to increase the speedrunning intrigue. It also fixes quite a few issues and improves balance, adds time-keeping (with a penalty for dying), and hopefully will integrate with the site to share your top time on your Dumb Page and offer a trophy for getting the kitty.
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