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  Cupcakes And 3 Days 07:21 PM -- Wed January 6, 2010  

Let me just throw down that this is really cool, and I guessed like 95% of them right due to my general awesomebility.

This year, all 6 days of it, has gone swimmingly. I plowed through my "first 3 work days=newsletter and putting things up" business, even got to take a reading break when the newsletter went out. That means tomorrow, gasp of all gasps, I have to get to actual work! I'll mostly still be doing site work, because I have to finally put up the front page which has been sitting 90% done for all of December. It's time this site got done (except in the sense of totally working, because there are still a fair number of issues I should be hacking at every so often). So once I have that up... do I have to actually program game code in some way? Do I even know how to do that? Do I know what I am working on? Do I even work here? Who's that guy? HEY, GET OFF MY COMPUTER!
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