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  Sigh... T'map! 07:11 PM -- Thu January 7, 2010  

After extensive endless streams of begging and demands that went on for years and years, I finally gave in and added a Site Map to the site. Or I think I did. I don't really know what they're like and I'm too lazy to find a site that has one and look at how they are done. Nonetheless, this map shows you what lurks behind the big juicy candy buttons atop the screen, so if you ever wondered and didn't have the energy to click on them, I hope you have the energy to click on the words "Site Map" at the bottom of any page.

I'm also "done" with the index page for the site, so many months in coming. Don't look for it, the temporary dud one is still there for now. But after a little more examining and simmering in its own juices, it will be going up. Probably tomorrow. The most exciting thing about it is the adventuresome depiction of an imaginary box for Supreme With Cheese:

(Semi-imaginary - that actually IS the artwork from the original DVD case version of Supreme. You may have one at home if you are a long-time fan!)
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