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  Robot Got Name! 12:26 PM -- Mon August 16, 2010  

And the winner of the naming contest is the only entry that makes one person the winner while simultaneously causing another person to be a winner in another form! Blackduck wins with his name Space Maniac! Because why not?

Don't forget the Make-Up-A-Boss contest is still going on, and a tip to entrants: making a vague entry like "Oh, how about something kind of like... or whatever" is a lot less likely to win than a clear-cut confident description of exactly what you want! I know I said I reserve the right to make changes, but that doesn't mean I want you to abdicate any responsibility for your idea. Stand up proud and dish out a robot! Make something so amazing I can't resist. Other tips: has to be an actual robot, not a vehicle driven by something alive (that's a dealbreaker); and I see a lot of entries that reference other Hamumu games, which I really don't want to do. I don't like to randomly glue things together, this is a new game world unrelated to existing ones. It has its own amazing and deep mythology involving puppies, kitties, and fishies.

Congrats to Blackduck and Spacemaniac! And surprise, how about they get a prize of sorts! They will get to beta test the game. The winner of the boss contest will too.
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