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  Robot Wants Robot! 06:07 PM -- Wed August 18, 2010  

First of all, a reminder! Get your boss ideas in for the boss-making contest! If you already entered, enter again! I will consider any and all entries. I think it will end soon... I have a about 3 that I am torn between so far, but I will pick one if I have to. So get your ideas in NOW NOW NOW!! (Don't you miss the [BLINK] tag?)

Secondly, time for a third contest! This is probably the last one for this game. It's like the boss contest but simpler. I think there probably should be one more non-boss enemy in this game. Just one more little thing I can throw in the mix in the final parts of the game to make it trickier business. So what will that enemy be? As before, obey the rules:
  • The enemy must be robotic in nature
  • I reserve the right to change your idea all around and so on
  • If I like your entry best, you get to beta test the game, and some reasonable facsimile of your idea will be in the game
  • Share your entry either here in the comments, or in a forum thread that you or somebody else creates for that purpose (please keep all entries to one thread)
  • Pictures are good! But not required
  • Specifics and details are good!
  • Unlike a boss, this is just a regular enemy you fight lots of all over the place, so keep it very simple. This will not be nearly as exciting as the boss contest, but it's another chance to win!
  • The deadline is when I pick a winner!
Good luck, and may the best robot win!
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