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  Robot Wants Victory! 03:51 PM -- Mon August 23, 2010  

I had a super hard time picking single winners in the Robot Wants Contests, so firstly, I may make as many as 3 non-boss guys, and secondly, I am awarding honorable mentions to 2 entries in each contest as well as a winner. They were mighty close to winning, so they ought to count for something, and I can certainly have more testers.

Robot Wants Robot

The two runner-ups (in no particular order) are...

Felixrain with "Armor Bot: A robot with metal plates covering it. It can only be shot in the back. It can jump and fires two bullets every three seconds or so." The reason this isn't a winner is that it's basically the same thing as the first boss of the game. But I may include it by making little floating heads of that boss... we'll see!

And AtkinsSJ with "A robo-claw! Runs along the ceiling, and occasionally stops to drop a big claw down, then reel it back in." A great idea, but the winner is...

PurpleKoopa! with "Heft: A heavy square robot. Like a Thwomp from Mario games, it tries to crush Robot. [etc]". I'm gonna work on that today! The other runner-ups may end up in the game as well, adding enemies isn't that hard.

Robot Wants Boss

The two runner-ups (in no particular order) are...

PurpleKoopa again! (no bonus prize!) with "A robotic tortoise with a turret/machine guns/etc. on its shell. [etc]" Good solid boss idea, but not the winner.

Moltanem2000 with "Lugnut - insert extensive drawing and explanation here." This was going to be the winner at first, and I'd say the only real reason it's not is that I don't want to have to implement the chain effect it would require. Laziness is the key.

And the winner is...

Stop Its Hammer Time with "Underscore - insert extensive drawing and explanation here too." Despite being very vague on exactly what this thing is (apparently, it's a box. But I think I may spice that up a teeny bit), it's got tons of detail on the part I am interested in - what it does! Sounds like a fun and interesting fight I will get to work on soon.

Thanks for all the entries and cool ideas. A lot of entries had no chance of winning because they relied on mechanics or features (or lack of features) that just aren't in this game. Sorry about that, but that's what happens when you make up characters for a game you have never seen! The main case of this was a lot of bosses that sound like they'd be fun, where you have to hop on platforms to get in position to hurt them. Those bosses would be really fun in a game where you do just hop around on platforms. Unfortunately, in Robot Wants Ice Cream, Robot can fly! To a degree.

I will be sure to do this again soon when I have a game I can throw extra ideas into. If you'd like to see what the two picture-based entries are about, or just see a lot of the entries, visit the Create-a-boss thread.
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