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  Robot Wants Ice Cream! 07:12 PM -- Fri September 24, 2010  

Play Robot Wants Ice Cream RIGHT NOW!!!

With that out of the way, let me also add that you should go on Kongregate and rate it 5 stars so I win vast riches: Click here you know you want to just do it go for it now

And with that out of the way, ahhhhhh. A game is released. It's so nice to have another one out of the way. I probably should update the History page sometime to mention these things. Crazy time of year this is. I made a list a couple days ago of projects I was actively working on, and there were 5. Then I got another one to do for the Boy Scouts again shortly after that, so it became 6. Good news is it's back down to 5 as of right now!

Sadly, that 6 doesn't include anything special for Halloween. Actually, I had it as 7, with "Surprise Halloween game - witch platformer? Card-based D&D thing?" but that string of letters is the extent I've worked on it, so my 5 legit projects are going to take precedence. I am absolutely swamped at this point, so what I think I will do is just re-activate the old Great Pumpkin's Field once again for this year, if it still works. As I recall, it was pretty buggy and weird, but it was fun to play! So that'll be fun. I really don't have time to burn on anything new, I'm afraid. We'll see what other tiny surprises can be creeped in there a little bit. Everybody knows Halloween is the Hamumu Holiday!
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