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  So Many Projects 07:49 PM -- Sat October 23, 2010  

I sure haven't been blogging... it's because I'm working on a big pile of projects, all of which are secret to one degree or another. But I'm going to share a little bit about each one! How about them bananas?

This game may not even appear here on Hamumu, but I'll point you to it when it's done. It's a fairly "adult" game, but while it's a bit edgy, it doesn't have anything far outside Hamumu rules. Maybe a bit iffy though. It will probably be the first one done of the ones I'm working on. My WoW buddy is handling almost all of the art duty on it, so that's why it's made of very classy photography instead of goofy monsters with big eyes. In case you can't guess, this is a point & click adventure, somewhat of an "escape the room" game. It's fun to make those, I find!

And please note that quite a few of the Halloween contests require you to submit your entry in SIX HOURS from right now!! Don't miss your chance at mondo yerfbucks (especially the Costume Contest where top prize is a thousand yerfbucks!).
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