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  Another Project 07:58 PM -- Tue October 26, 2010  

Another project I'm doing will be done in December. I don't feel like I can say much of anything about it (it's being developed specifically for another site - I'll give you a link when it's done!), but it's another fine Flash side-scroller (without Robot!). I've actually only done art for it so far, but I will be getting into the code portion very soon. Here's some tiles in progress:

I copied colors and some style from a screenshot of a Gameboy version of Contra, and the end result is some of my best work! Not real sure what that light brown junk is. I liked the look of the green platforms sitting on the side of the cliff there, so I thought the cliffs could be background instead of solid walls. But that left me with the problem that if everything is a platform or background, then there's nothing stopping you from moving, ever. So the brown stuff is supposed to be ?rocks? that I can use as obstacles. I don't know if I'll keep them, they're a bit odd.
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