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  Best Halloween Ever! 09:28 PM -- Sun October 31, 2010  

Don't forget that today is the Best Halloween Ever, and you can click here to see what kind of surprises people have in store for you (except some are probably scattered elsewhere around the Forum, so search away).

The closest thing I have to a BHE surprise to offer you is other peoples' work - enjoy the latest edition of Halloween Horror, with 4 worlds in it, on our Add Ons page! In addition, there are 3 other Supreme add-ons on there, and once I finish writing this, I'll be posting up an LL2 add-on as well!

So be spooky and celebrate away! The results of the various B.H.E. contests will be posted tomorrow, so make sure you get your votes in tonight in all their polls if you haven't done so yet. Besides, looking at costumes and playing Costume Party are very appropriate Halloween activities anyway! And save the Great Pumpkin one last time before he goes away for the year!
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