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  Everybody's* A Winner! 09:22 PM -- Mon November 1, 2010  

(*not actually everybody)

The Best Halloween Ever has come and gone once again! All the contests have been judged and voted on, and after back-breaking labor (seriously, my back hurts! Could be from sitting here all day), the results are finally out! Here are the winners:

Become Hamumuically Enrobed Costume Contest
First place in this contest was taken by Happystikbeaver with his Pumpkinstein outfit! Second place was .Blue Dwarf. as Robot Wants Candy. Third place was a tie between Moltanem2000 as Gaston Le Fleur, and Seamonkey as a Crazy Bush. The costume contest is always my favorite thing to see. Check out the entries yourself at the link just above.

Bits Help Everybody Avatar Bit Contest
In this contest, the top 3 vote-getters all won equally: Yerfbucks, their avatar bit being available in the Yerfshop, and a free copy of their (overpriced) creation. Those winners are: .Blue Dwarf. again, with his Fire Axe, Pizza with his Plastic Pitchfork, and Redbone with his Great Pumpkin.

Build Halloween Environments Costume Party Level Contest
If you want to see the entries in this contest, just play Costume Party, and do a search for level name "BHE". There were two divisions. Division 1 allowed the creator to use any tiles they wanted. Division 2 limited you to only the original tiles, no expansions allowed. In both divisions, the winner was SpaceManiac! Second place in Division 1 was a tie between Blackduck and Happystikbeaver. In Division 2, second place was Moltanem and third place was again Happystikbeaver who apparently was the big winner overall this Halloween!

And lastly, we have the Best Halloween Ever event itself! This was just an opportunity for people to create surprises (of any kind!) for everyone on Hamumu to enjoy, and get rewarded by me based on my own whims and whiles. If you entered this, visit your Dumb Page to see how much you won. I am too lazy to list all the people who submitted things, but I think every single one of them posted a link to their surprise in that thread I just linked, so go in there and check them out! There are a whole lot of Gamemaker and Flash games, a short story, some pictures, some Supreme worlds, and even the first ever Sleepless Hollow add-on. I think we had ...14 entries? Something close to that. Check em out if you didn't yet!

So there it is! In addition to all that, I may have posted this yesterday, but there are also a pile of Supreme add-ons that got released (including of course Halloween Horror 11), and even a Loonyland 2 add-on. Now except for the fact that I have to write the newsletter, I can finally rest! This has been an exhausting few days. I ARE WINNER!
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