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  Work In Progress 06:33 PM -- Wed November 10, 2010  

An astronaut with a monkey on his head firing a wiggly laser. I'm really happy with how the laser turned out. It's like your typical lightning effect, except bendy instead of jagged. I was just going to do plain old bullets, so I'm glad I went out on a limb to make a crazy beam instead. Even though I didn't have the time to waste.

This project has a deadline in December, and I'm frantically pounding away at it. I'm worried about it. I made a chart of the days between now and then, and I put the things I need to do to finish this game on it, and they just barely fit in with 5 days to spare. That worries me, since I've never gotten things done faster than I expected to...

As for the other three projects, one is really close now, the photograph-based one. Another, the Robot game, is even more close. In fact, it's done. There may still be broken things in it that need fixing, but it's done, and tested too, there's just a little bonus feature I had to add recently that hasn't been fully tested yet. I don't know when the site it belongs to will put it up, but I'll let you know. The fourth project, the personal one, is in the same state it was before - maybe 70% done, just missing levels and some menu stuff, but while I am hammering on this monkey astronaut deadline, it's sitting on the back burner (but the back burner that's closer to the front than the I.D.I.O.T. and other back burners. It's a big big stove in here, and I need to wait on some sous chefs for things like IDIOT and some others).
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