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  Victory! 08:38 PM -- Wed November 24, 2010  

One of the games is actually complete! I'll let you know about it as soon as the site it was done for puts it up. It's the Robot-related game. You shall be amazed by its amazingness. Virtually all of the poem game is also done, but I'm rushing very fast to get the jungle game done. I think I talked about the schedule before, and how it had 5 days of free space. Well, I'm currently about 6 days behind, and I am stuck in Family Zone tomorrow and the next day, so no work for 2 whole days whether I want to or not. That's also how the last two days were before today. Four days this week, blown away into the winds!

But we did create a chocolate cake with homemade marshmallows on it. That was an amazing experience that was utterly impossible. Took 3 people 6 hours to complete it. Very gourmet. - GAZE UPON IT -

I wish I had the picture we took of it next to the magazine cover the recipe came from, because it's a clone! We did an amazing job on it, and I'm not sure how, but it was fun. And we did it because we felt like it. So voila. It's fun to create things. Tastes good too, but I was so stuffed by then I only handled half of a sliver.
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