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  By Request 05:41 PM -- Fri January 15, 2010  

This is the Lego vise I totally built to hold the special spot on my monitor that makes its frizzling stop. At random times (more and more often), the screen sizzles up and down, stretching out and becoming very annoying and flickery. I can smack it like the Fonz, but that's becoming less and less effective every time, and it's reached a point where I basically have to batter it for a minute straight from various directions before it will stop. But then one day, I discovered a pressure point on the side of it, where if I just apply light pressure, it's instantly perfect. However, it only stays perfect as long as I hold it. Thus, the vise was born. That saved me $200 worth of new monitor. The vise isn't perfect, but it's working pretty well most of the time. Much better than my apelike frenzied pummeling I had to do previously.

The tape doesn't hold the Legos together, it's just a pad to help it apply the needed pressure.
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