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  That Is One Needy Robot 07:21 PM -- Mon January 18, 2010  

Robot Wants Kitty has been updated! Nothing mind-boggling, as the gameplay is almost unchanged (can you spot the difference? I changed it entirely because the original description was too long to fit in the instructions!). But there's a parallax background, a menu screen, instructions, and pop-up help when you get each power-up.

I'm embarking on a little adventure with the Robot Kitty - gonna take it out into the big flash world and see if I can get a 'sponsor' as they call them, and get a little money for it, which is why I thought it needed a menu (on here, having instructions on the web page was fine, but on some other site, that probably won't be an option). I'll let you know how it goes as I cross my fingers cautiously. I also have something related to that in the works that I'll tell you about another time when I have something to show for it!
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