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  This is a great day for you to focus on arguing with umbrellas. 07:38 PM -- Mon January 25, 2010  

The title is a clue to something coming soon. But not a clue you'll figure out, so don't bother trying.

Last week I was snowed in! First I was rained in, because we live on a dirt road and when it pours rain for multiple days, the road becomes so slippery that you can't safely traverse it in a car. More of concern is that if you do get away, you can't come back home because the road is pretty steep, and it can be too slippery to get the car up! But then the rain gave way to snow, and I was snowed in (in the sense that it was snowing, so I didn't want to go anywhere). I also had a cold.

On the more positive side, Robot Wants Kitty is officially done now, right down to including music at last, crafted by DrPetter, who is also indirectly the source of the sound effects, since he made SFXR, the indispensable sound effect tool that nobody should be without. The gameplay is also easier now and many other fixes and tweaks and improvements. I got feedback on it from Flash developers and that just gave me a big pile of very simple tweaks that could make it better.

I also know I have to do a Behind The Dumb, but I'm the procrastimaster. I don't wanna. But I will. At the last second.
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