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  Loonyland 2 Has Been Collected! 01:26 PM -- Sat October 30, 2010  

As of yesterday, we just sold the very last existing copy of the Loonyland 2 Collector's Edition. If you missed your shot at it and you're all sad and whatnot, let me know! If there is enough demand, I'll print up another run!

I had planned to announce the last one was here and maybe do something exciting with it, but it kinda got yanked out from under my nose before I ever had the chance. I can't believe they're all gone. It'd be more poetic to not print up any more. They are a collector's edition, after all. Then again, I probably should've signed them all in that case!

On a super totally related note, don't forget that the Avatar Bit Contest is now in the final voting phase. If you already voted (or didn't), it's time to do it again to choose a final winner!

Tomorrow is the BEST HALLOWEEN EVER!
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