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  Looking For Betatesteroni! 03:13 PM -- Sat November 27, 2010  

I am seeking beta testers for the jungle game! It's not nearly ready for testing, but I'm going to start early and push along through it, because I have to get it done as fast as possible! If you want to be a tester, send me an email telling me so (that's test #1... let's see who pulls it off). These are the criteria I will be employing this time around:

1. You have to be an upstanding Hamumu member - somebody who's already a member, not somebody who signs up just to do this, and somebody who has contributed to Hamumu in a good way. The more, the better your odds!

2. You have to have not been destructive and horrible to the Hamumu community. The more, the worse your odds!

3. I am going to bias towards picking people who haven't tested a bunch of stuff recently to give new people a chance.

4. I will only pick a few people, so don't think I'm calling you a destructive noobie if I don't pick you. I just want to have a couple testers - around 3, I think.

So, if you like jungles, astronauts, monkeys, and robotic fish, sign up! It'll just be real simple. The game will be available to you, you play it, and you tell me what is breaking horribly when you do! I'll pick in a few days, because this thing is moving fast.
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