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  Beta Testors! 08:10 PM -- Tue November 30, 2010  

We have a winners! I got tons of applicants, and since all I did was say "email me", I didn't have a lot of input on how to choose the winners. I tweeted about it, and somebody said "sort them by games owned, reward loyalty", so I did. There was a 1st place winner, Megadog (who owns everything!), and then a 4-way tie for 2nd place, creating our list of 5 testers! Those 4 people are Mr.Onion, BryanSNK, Seamonkey, and Qwertybub3! Thanks for the assistance-to-be, folks! It's probably not a fair method, but I do appreciate people who buy my games.

Oh, and I removed people who tested Robot Wants Ice Cream first (at least I think I did, I couldn't remember that well), if you're wondering why you're not in when you should be. Sorry! New game to be tested fairly soon again, and another one after that. We're in an age of nearly done stuff. And then a much-needed vacation.

If you are one of the testers, look at the forum and see what there is to see. I did not email anybody in reply, so if you didn't hear from me, you either won or lost. See two paragraphs up to determine which. Thanks for applying either way!
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