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  Daibaka Development 08:47 PM -- Wed February 17, 2010  

Look, there's a menu now! This is the equip menu, which as you can see contains precisely one weapon. The 402 in the weapon description is actually drawn from the weapon's stats, and changes as it levels up (maxes out at 2400). It is hoped that there will come a day when it instead contains 70 weapons, 70 devices, and 70 kabooms (not soon - this game won't be, and doesn't need to be as you will find out, complete at launch). Kaboom was the best (well, now I'm questioning that seeing it written here...) suggestion for a 6-letter word that would mean superbomb. I'm wondering if it should be X-Bomb instead. The other tricky bit about them (that Kaboom doesn't support) is that many of them won't be bombs. They'll be time stoppers, cloaking devices, super-repair droids, EMP pulses, maybe other weird stuff. Anything you'd have as an emergency trick you can pull out only once or twice rather than firing constantly.

Anyway, this page will contain notably more information than it currently does at some point. Like it'd be nice if it told you what level you were about to play, and your current level and XP and whatever. Maybe a picture of Quasar (that's the guy who builds and repairs Sol's spaceships and weapons) would be appropriate. Maybe Q-Bombs should be the superbombs, since Quasar makes them.

But anyway, I'm so glad to be past painful bugs and feeling like this thing is moving along and making sense now. It's going pretty fast at this point, even if there's still no gameplay per se. Do you really need gameplay when you have a menu with so many potential items in it?
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