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  The Levels, They Are A-Changin' 07:09 PM -- Fri February 19, 2010  

Yes, this game shall have an editor! It's actually quite a bit like Costume Party in most ways, with the exception of playing totally differently. So think of how that works regarding creating levels and playing user-made levels and such, and that's about the Daibaka way (difference being this game includes vast amounts of Hamumu-made levels, it's not entirely about user levels). I think level editors greatly enhance the appeal, longevity, and interestingness (in terms of having something to talk about) of a game, so I definitely try to include them when it makes sense and isn't crazy work.

One nice thing in this game is autotiling. I created what you see in the shot by just scribbling, and the only tool that exists right now is blank space, so it automatically carved all those corners and everything as a result. None of that tedious work finding just the corner piece you need. Incidentally, I made the tileset today too - let me tell you, it takes a lot of tiles to cover every combination. 47, I believe, unless I forgot some.

This weekend is a Mini-LD contest. I think I will give it a try, so I may have a mini-er game to show you after the weekend!
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