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  Space Cruise: The First Generation 07:38 PM -- Sun February 21, 2010  

So I am giving up for this weekend... I bit off a pretty big concept (well, four really small concepts, but even one reasonably big concept is easier than a bunch of different games), and it ain't getting done in a weekend. I need to get back to priority projects, but I'm gonna try to come back to it next weekend and any weekend until it's done. It really should be easily doable in two weekends, but I wouldn't count on me to put in the time to pull that off. I need a break sometime!

So the game is this: it's an arcade game and your goal is to bravely travel where no person has previously been (translated: get a high score measured mostly in distance traveled). There are 4 stations on the spaceship - the bridge, sickbay, engineering, and tactical. Each station should be pretty easy to do, just simple reflex arcade stuff, but the fact that new troubles keep stacking up and you have to jump back and forth and try to handle them all at once will eventually overwhelm you. The controls are (as in the Mini-LD rules) keys 1-4 do something, depending on which station you're at, and keys 7-0 jump you to the different stations.

Sickbay is about half done, engineering about a quarter done, the bridge is just a background picture (see yesterday!), and tactical is untouched. I don't know if this will be a fun game (I kind of worry about the "it just gets harder until you lose" kind of thing - that can be fun, or it can just be frustrating), but it's definitely unlike any game I've played, and I want to get it done and see what it's like. Plus I think the sickbay at least will be fun.
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