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  Answers To Daibaka Model Questions 12:27 PM -- Tue February 23, 2010  

Those weren't 3 different ideas, they're ways the game addresses three different reasons people might give money. They're all part of the game. The purpose of the game is to obtain the money needed to buy 3DS Max, which does indeed cost that much. Once I've got it, I can pay a mere $500/year to keep it updated (my problem is that I didn't do that - I have a 7 year old version that just doesn't work anymore, and is way outside the realm of 'upgrade pricing' now).

It's not intended to be a 'good deal' to pay $30 to create something (although it's way cheaper than the same reward in any of the other few instances where you can do so! Normally such things are either rare contest prizes or cost hundreds of dollars). This is a donation, not a payment for an item. I wouldn't expect anybody to do anything beyond the $10 level (since that level is just plain buying a game). Anything more is a true donation to support Hamumu development. I will also set it up to accept below $10, which would also just be a pure donation, since there's no reward. I do want to include a donors list in the game though, so a little recognition can be your reward.

Also, I'll have to make it not accept Yerfbucks, because of course getting those doesn't get me any closer to my goal, as Autodesk doesn't accept Yerfbucks. It's the same problem as offering T-shirt rewards. I actually need the total amount of money, not the symbolic equivalent.

A lot of peoples' responses seemed to be things like "I don't think I'd pay much more than $10", and I want you to know that that's more than fine. Just because there's a $30 level in there (again, not a real number, just off the top of my head) or a $500 level, or Redbone's $3500 level which sounds very nice, doesn't mean I expect people to give me that or am asking you to. It's just an opportunity to support if you want to. If you paid $1 more than $10, you're just plain giving me money and supporting the cause of Dumb games! That's fantastic. Anything beyond $10 is extremely supportive of you. Even $10 is supportive, though you may just be doing that for your own selfish reasons. But I'll take it either way!

You have to understand, there are people who donate money to me (by buying multiple copies of games they already own) right now on occasion. Some people just like to have an opportunity to support a company they like. I'm like you - I have to hang on to every penny and I only spend money on things I can afford and need. But some people will purchase the fancy expensive levels because they have the money, and they want to support what I do! I definitely want to give people the option just in case they'll take it. It would be the wrong kind of dumb to not offer it.
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