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  Daily! Sketch #16: Buzzkill 12:38 PM -- Fri February 26, 2010  

This is another scavenger that lurks within the Thorny Ruin. It's called a Buzzkill for obvious reasons. The only real thing of note here is that I drew the bottom one first, and then sometimes a good trick for working out how something should look is to just make as many opposite choices as you can. So I drew the one above it next, trying to do everything the opposite way stylistically (I can't avoid sticking one big feather out of the top of any bird's head, though). Okay, it's not all that opposite, but you can find the points where I tried new things. Then ideally, you'd make a 3rd sketch combining the elements you like from each. I didn't exactly do that, but I did make a horrible attempt at drawing one in-flight (which is probably how you would mostly see them). That didn't go so well. Some things I just have a real hard time with.
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