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  Behind The Dumb Episode 10 08:27 PM -- Thu March 4, 2010  

Show Notes (Watch it first!)

- To prepare for this role of a lifetime, I studied under the greats. I watched David Cross's impression of James Lipton on Youtube (seeing the original himself would just be too raw, too fresh).

- The second letter to be read has a really ugly block of grey on it that doesn't integrate well... that was an unfortunate necessity to cover up some private information in the letter. I wish I had thought about it earlier in the process and just done it with tape in reality instead of having to blot it out in editing.

- The weird blorping of the tiles in Daibaka is an artifact of the video recording, not how the game works. The tiles are quite stationary in the actual game.

- As always, I am distressed by my camera glitching out on occasion. Maybe I need to make Daibaka Camera to earn money for a new camera (with a microphone input so I don't have to rely on the bad on-camera mic too!).

- Speaking of that glitching, check out the end when I say thank you for joining us. There's a very weird and specific glitch (may not be visible at Youtube resolution...) where just my eyes suddenly flip out. It's weird.
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