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  Priorities 11:32 AM -- Mon March 15, 2010  

I don't think much is going to get done at Hamumu this month. Mia the dog got to come home two days early! The vet said she was very agitated being trapped in the kennel and they thought she'd just manage better at home even though we can't do all the fancy medical stuff they can. She has definitely been doing better, and is definitely needy.

So we've basically realized after two days of this that she doesn't handle being alone well. Hopefully that's an issue with having been abandoned for a week and will get better quickly (she didn't whine when I went off to the bathroom this morning, that's good!), but for now, it's how she is. She's supposed to be kept imprisoned and slow-moving for six weeks which is crazy considering how much she's already trying to race around. So she needs someone with her at all times. Good thing I work at home! To make this work, and still keep her trapped in small space, I have moved my entire office into the retreat where we have her:

(for the uninitiated, the retreat is a little room off of our bedroom. I think we call it that because we heard the realtor call it that. Don't know what else it is, except as you can tell, board game storage. When I say small, the reason this is two separate pictures is that the room is too small to get far enough back to show both the couch and desk in one shot). It's a messy situation, and I need to go interact with her about every 10 minutes to keep her happy. This isn't conducive to work (or playing WoW! Aiyee!!), but that's priorities.

Speaking of priorities, the big success of Robot Wants Kitty has shifted those too. It's awesome to know that I can make money. It's also awesome to know how to make money (well, it depends on how successful other flash games are, but it seems like it works). I will probably be packing my schedule with lots of flash game development and sort of squeeze the 'real' games in between instead of vice versa. Paying for life is definitely the priority. It helps that I love making these little games too! None of the stress and endless cycle of making the big games. But despite the wild speculation on the forums, Daibaka is not vanishing. That's the current project, then mphrmmphmphmph is next still. But I'm putting more emphasis on getting Space Cruise done (was supposed to do that this weekend, but Mia's first weekend home was a big challenge), and then Robot Wants Puppy. I will be doing both of those simultaneous with Daibaka Max.
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