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  Told Ya 07:14 PM -- Mon March 22, 2010  

Wow. It only gets more overwhelming. Still looking for that moment of relaxation. I have been getting bits of work done though. I've been cycling days: Space Cruise, Daibaka, Robot Wants Puppy. Today none of the above just to actually clean up the house a little. And sleep. More things have piled up all over the place, so it's... really nonstop.

I finally figured out how the bridge "negotiating with aliens" part of Space Cruise would work. And it works as seen above! You get no more details than that at this time.

In Daibaka, I haven't done anything visible, just got the network stuff working right, so it now saves your editor work-in-progress on the server, and when you start the game, it fetches your player profile from there. Some tricky business involved in that whole mess!

In Robot Wants Puppy, I've accomplished precisely zero, because I started out with the goal of updating Robot Wants Kitty to the new version of Flixel. I got that done, but it runs in super slow motion, so I've been doing nothing but trying to figure that out. I really should just move on, because I intend to strip out most of the game anyway for Puppy (it was written pretty badly, as usual! I want fresh badness). But I was hoping to be able to update Kitty a bit, maybe fix the 'rocket into nothingness' bug I hear about occasionally.

So a little bit getting done everywhere, but not a lot, because most of my time is taken up with walking dogs and making sure dogs and cats don't kill each other and going to dogtors, and taking care of sick spouses. There's a lot going on. I feel like I've completely neglected Hamumu, despite actually working on games for it. Not sure what I need to be doing, but some effort and involvement would be nice. It's almost the end of the month, and I have a guest coming to visit then too... how to squeeze in Behind The Dumb and all the other month-starting activities? It boggles the dizzied mind.
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