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  Robot Will Get Puppy 09:19 PM -- Tue April 20, 2010  

He will! Just give him some time! Today marked a bunch of RWP milestones: First, the map is now "done", which is to say that I haven't played it all the way through even once, but it contains everything it's intended to. The title screen is also done, without quotation marks:

The Awards button on there does in fact take you to the exciting new feature in the series, a set of 10 awards you can earn. The Continue button is also a new feature, and it does pretty much what you'd expect... or at least it will, that's the biggest thing unimplemented at this point. I have high hopes for it. So that, and a whole lot of touchups and fixes and little elements that don't work yet is what's left!

This is really a one-week game, but I've had so many major distractions that took entire days off of the week that I am far beyond that amount of time. The distractions aren't over yet, as Mia is currently in her last week of radiation treatments. But this is supposed to be the wrap-up week! We shouldn't have to haul the dog around much after this week, we should be getting our car back (working or not - at least he says the current state of it isn't "doing any damage" for what that's worth), and I quit playing WoW.

That last one is entirely untrue. Boy, I hope this new internet thing (which is something also happening this week!) works well. If not, life is bad. Cross all your appendages!

P.S. RWP has 100% more bosses than RWK!
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