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  LD48 #17 Done! 05:12 PM -- Sun April 25, 2010  

My game is done! I have 4 hours to spare, during which I really should try to make music, but since I know how that will go, I'm not gonna bother trying. Plus I'm tired. I sure didn't blog any progress (or prog-blog, as the kids will be saying in 2017) today. Unlike yesterday, today was just a very focused beatdown of this game. I knew where it needed to go to at least be something playable, and here it is! I don't know if it's quite fun or balanced or something, but it works, and I don't know what should be changed other than to add music. I don't even know what I want to do with it post-compo. I even managed to get the online high scores into the compo version! It just sort of is what it is. Maybe ideas will come after I am recuperated.

Ooh, I just remembered one issue I forgot to deal with... the ship can very rarely be hidden behind the life meter. Oh well, good luck finding it!

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