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  Puppies, Robots, and Pirates 08:59 PM -- Tue April 27, 2010  

Not the most exciting screen, but I can tell you: if you see an instruction screen for a game of mine, you know that game is just about done! I hate doing those. It is in fact totally done now, with a little bit more testing going on to catch the remaining bugs, and the other major thing is that I'm waiting on the sound and music (and have to make some sounds myself, but I want to see what I get first).

I guess I have 4 games in the works right now, it's crazy. Second on the list due to being so very done is Infinite Deadly Islands Of Terror. I'm gonna slap a nice set of achievements in there and either call it done or not. I have another idea to try with it that could make it a bit nicer.

Then there's Space Cruise, which remains around 75% or so, and I really need to get back to that after all the craziness that's happened. It's such a simple and small game, but somehow pretty challenging to actually get done.

Speaking of tough stuff to do, the 4th game is Daibaka Max, which is hard for entirely different reasons - it's a big, complicated game with fancy features like an editor! That's another one I really need to get back to work on.

And also in the "works" (meaning it's not, but it's planned) is the mystery game pertaining to the concept art. Actually, that's a much more complicated situation now, but complicated in the sense that there may be several games coming 'soon' (in the next year or two) roughly pertinent to that, and coming from a variety of directions and formats that will astound and amaze. You never know what's going on around here.

And sadly, neither do I.
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