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  The Month Begins! 08:16 PM -- Wed May 5, 2010  

I've got a lot of stuff going on for you, but it's not coming out today. There are 6 add-ons for Supreme With Cheese, a bunch of Fan Art and Action Photos (those are both already up, check em out!), a T-shirt that I haven't started yet, the enhanced version of Infinite Deadly Islands Of Terror (at least a week away), Robot Wants Puppy which will blow your mind when I'm finally allowed to release it (it's done, just squaring away the logos and whatnot with Maxgames), and less soon are the other games which are in development. The T-shirt is something I have a really cool idea for (related to Infinite Islands), but I need the new version to be done first.

What I don't have for you is a new Behind The Dumb. I don't know if I will do one again. There are two factors: the obvious one is that it's a lot of work that takes up time I should be making games (I'd have the enhanced pirate game almost done now if I hadn't spent the past three days puttering around avoiding doing a BTD). But the more important and damaging one is that I'm really shy and I don't feel comfortable at all being in front of the camera. I hate making those videos. The truth is that I have fun when I'm actually in the process of making it, but defeating the demons that hold me back from getting started is harder and harder every time (you'd think it would get easier, but it doesn't!). I don't want to put myself through that anymore, given that I could spend the time making games, or updating the site which is sorely in need of help and bugfixes. Without these shows hanging over my head, I feel a lot more ready to do stuff. Having something I deeply don't want to do on my plate basically makes me do nothing, because I just bumble around avoiding the bad thing rather than moving on to the other things.

On the flipside, I know BTD is very popular and one of the favorite things of a lot of Hamumians. And I do have fun actually making it, like I said. So who knows? I just don't want to commit to a monthly version anymore, but I would hope that sometime I'll sit down and feel like making one and so I will. I wouldn't count on it though. I'm also considering the advice of Penny Arcade creators on how great social anxiety drugs have been for them. Maybe I'll become a whole new person! But I hate drugs, so probably I won't try that. Another thing I've considered with less side effects than drugs is making an animated version. On Penny Arcade, they have Blamimations which are very poorly animated but funny cartoons, and I can easily see how I could do a similar style rather quickly. But one thing about animation: however cheaply you do it, it's still a lot more work than just filming a person.

On another note, the About page is going to get an update sometime this month, because I had a professional photographer (hire him for your wedding!) visiting to play Mortal Kombat with me a few weeks ago, and he shared a huge pile of really awesome pictures he took on his visit. It's about time we got some decent pictures on there. Example:

We also played WoW. While sitting in the same room as each other. Guys are like that, antisocial.
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