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  NO CAN HAS! 07:36 PM -- Fri May 28, 2010  

This is the first boss in RWG. All done and functional! He's nothing terribly exciting, but I am hoping for many bosses this time around. Two have been drawn, but drawing large (anything but nonteensy, actually) pixel art is a lot of work and I'm not artistic enough to pull it off, especially quickly. Consider his awkwardness part of the charm. The map in this game is split into six areas, hopefully with some semi-notable theming to each, so you don't get too lost. The first segment is done now, in a basic sense. I hope to make this one much less linear than the last, and part of building a good speedrun will be figuring out the best order to do things in, and just what you should skip. It also has some more unique and interesting abilities very new to Robot.
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