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  Words Getting Dumber 11:17 AM -- Mon June 28, 2010  

I just did something! I did! I did! With luck, you won't be able to tell that I did anything, but more likely, you will discover at midnight tonight that I foolishly messed with Dumbwords without testing it right, and now it'll be ruined tomorrow. What I did was to create a list of questions for it (I have been keeping a list of them for the last... 235 days), and now instead of it having a short little list that I have to manually add onto all the time, it is grabbing a random question from this list each day. It won't repeat any until it uses them all up, so hopefully there are enough there to keep it from seeming repetitive. Ideally, I'll add more to it over time so it doesn't get stale, but it's big enough now that hopefully people won't notice any repetition. In fact, I kind of doubt it'll have any more repetition this way than before, because I often come up with stuff that sounds new and exciting and then I realize I used it before. I figure as long as it's not in the history drop-down list in my browser, it's old enough! Which is exactly how I made this list, when I first started it.

So fingers crossed that you will notice nothing strange about Dumbwords. And that I will no longer have to deal with it bugging me about a low number of questions.

Aside from that, I've been told there shall be Fishy music today (more finger crossing), and IDIOT is moving along, as witnessed below:
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