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  an entry falls on a still journal. 07:26 PM -- Sat July 3, 2010  

Click this: a leaf falls on a still pond.

It's art! What's not to like? Yeah, you've played it before if you've been around a while, but I really recommend you play it now... and play hard, because there are a lot of very interesting things to find in this new version!

I created this big spreadsheet of all the flash games I intend to make one day, or at least potentially consider. Then I went through and gave them extremely subjective scores in Time To Develop, Difficulty, Profitability, Interest (mine), and Issues (factors other than me that prevent it from getting done, like needing 3DS Max or external art). Then the best part: I rigged it up to calculate a score for each game by combining those numbers! Man, I love meaningless math! I believe the calculation was (100*Interest*Profitability)/(Time*Difficulty*Issues). It ended up with games ranging in score from 1000 points to 0.52. Quite a spread.

I'm not going to just go down the list and do them, but it's a good list to have handy to keep in mind when I'm figuring out what to work on. I ran into a roadblock working on IDIOT because I have to wait on external input, so I figured why not throw down this 1000-pointer you see above? It scored so high because it be quick. Started on Wednesday.

The next highest score is only 300 points, and it's an even quicker project. I just happen to expect it to be even less profitable than this one and it interests me much less, hence the much lower score. I was pretty excited about redoing Still Pond, I've always appreciated its deep and powerful message. Because that next project is so quick, I probably will start on it tomorrow or Monday. It is also a port. Feel free to guess what it is! With any luck, you'll find out next week! I can't imagine how to add much to it for various reasons, so it won't be nearly as enhanced as Still Pond is.
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