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  It's a broken world! 08:25 PM -- Sun July 4, 2010  

Wow, I just discovered something horrible today... the Contact Us page silently didn't send mails to me. I don't know when that started, but I'm kind of afraid it might go all the way back to the release of Clubhouse! I was just thinking "haven't seen a lot of Note From The Website lately..." (that's what the emails it sends me are titled), which combined with someone's complaint about an email not getting to me, made me check it out. Yowza. Fixed now.

On top of that, Hamchat is full of problems. It's had problems from the beginning, but they weren't preventing it from functioning (to a degree). Now, however, if you've upgraded to the latest version of Flash, you'll find that it logs you out every 10 seconds if nobody says anything (works okay for people who haven't upgraded). So yeah, that needs really major work. I don't actually know when I'm gonna have time to invest that work, but it's getting more urgent all the time as it falls apart bit by bit. I really want to give it a solid overhaul, but I definitely have no time for that, at least at the moment.

Ahhhh... clearly the Contact page works now, since I just got some spam through it while I was typing this. Oh, how I've missed that.

Happy 4th of July, Americans! Enjoy some fireworks over a still pond.
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