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  Another fine port! 11:37 PM -- Tue July 6, 2010  

Hey, it's time for Two Roads! You probably played it before when it was not a flash game, but now you can play it again! And who wouldn't want to do that?

Yeah, it's not the most exciting game, but I started the port this morning, played WoW, took a nap, did the dishes, went for a walk, and still released it by sundown. Real easy project.

Don't worry, I'm not just doing ports! But they make for easy projects and a great way to get stuff out that may not be news to you, but it sure is to non-Hamumians. For new games, at the very least, Robot Wants Fishy is coming soon! It's long past done, I just have business reasons I can't put it out yet. Aside from that, I will be very busy for the next week, and somewhat off the grid (hopefully not too much), and then back to business after that. I really want to port Medusa's Lament sometime soon, because when I made it, I was basically creating a Flash game, just without knowing how to do Flash, so I had to write it in C. I look forward to returning Medusa to her native land.
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